Secondhand Smoke-All You Need To Know

276084-smokingSecondhand smoke also known as involuntary or passive smoke is the smoke given off by burning smoke combined with the smoke exhaled by a smoker. You can get exposed to this smoke in various places. These places include the workplace, bars, cars, restaurants and recreational settings. In most cases, the main source is cigarettes and pipes.
If you think that secondhand smoke does not have any harmful chemicals, then you are wrong. It has quite a number of chemicals in it of which up to 250 of them are harmful. These are chemicals such as arsenic, benzene, beryllium, cadmium among many others. Most of these chemicals are known to cause cancer.
Apart from cancer, secondhand smoke has also been associated with other health effects. Exposure to secondhand smoke causes irritation in the airways and immediately affects your heart and blood vessels in a negative way. It is linked with increase in the risk of getting heart disease and hardening of the arteries.
If a child is exposed to it, there is an increased risk in infant death syndrome, colds, pneumonia, ear infections, asthma and bronchitis. Furthermore, it slows the growth of a child’s lungs and can cause the child to wheeze, cough and feel breathless.
images (8)If a pregnant woman is exposed to passive smoke, then the results can be tragic. The new born child might turn out with low birth weight. There is also a great risk of premature birth which is very dangerous for newborns. The carotid arteries of the baby might be damaged and the child is likely to suffer from cognitive abnormalities.
Lingering smoke odors have not yet been proven to cause cancer or any of the adverse effects of secondhand smoking in people. It is still under study. However, the smoke particles that remain can combine with air particles or dust particles which if inhaled in, might cause some negative effects.
There is no level of passive smoke that is not harmful. Even very low levels of passive smoke can be harmful. The only way that you can fully protect yourself from this smoke is by completely eliminating instances of smoking indoors or by use of a good ventilation system. As a non-smoker, you should separate yourself from any smoker to ensure you do not suffer the adverse effects.
As it is a very common problem in most places, measures have been made to reduce the exposure of non-smokers toshutterstock_153708464-337x224 secondhand smoke. One of these measures is the laws that restrict people from smoking in public places. These places include bus stations, train stations, parks and airlines. It is also prohibited in public facilities like hospitals, schools and beaches.
So that these laws are put to effect, there are authorities which enforce them and if one is caught bypassing them, he or she is liable to prosecution. There are areas which have been set as smoking zones. In this areas, people can smoke freely without having to worry about causing discomfort to non-smokers or getting in trouble with the authorities.